Quick Start

A short guide to get you started with Simple OKR

We prepared this guide to help you get started with Simple OKR. We will show you how to invite your team, set OKRs, perform status updates, and monitor OKR performance.

1. Create Account

To get started, you need to create a Simple OKR account. We offer a free trial which gives you an opportunity to try out the product and see how everything fits together.

If you use Google, you can sign up with your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, or you don’t want to use Google to log in, you can complete the regular email sign up form.

Sign up for Simple OKR

2. Invite your Team

Simple OKR is meant for teams. You can invite your team to the app by going to Settings -> Users

Click on Create Invitation Link to create a new invitation link. Copy this link and share it with anyone you’d like to join your account. You can share the link via email, a chat application, or any other means of communication you use at work.

As a security precaution, make sure to turn off the link after everyone joined your account. Anyone who gains access to the link will be able to join your account while the invitation link is active.

3. Create Leadership Team

In order to create company Objectives, you need to create and configure a leadership team. The members of this team will be allowed to draft and set company level objectives.

Go to Settings -> Teams and create a leadership team. Let's call it Executive Team. Then go to Settings -> Company to update company settings. Set the team you created as your leadership team.

If you're a member of the leadership team, don't forget to add yourself as a team member. Only team members can create company objectives. Team members can only be added to the team by the team manager.

4. Create your first Objective

You can create new objectives by going to Objectives page. Let's create a company Objective by going to the Company tab and clicking New Objective. You will be presented with a New Objective dialog.

Enter details about the Objective and click on Create Objective.

After the Objective is created we need to set Key Results for tracking Objective's performance. Click on the name of the objective to get to the Objective's page. Once there, Click on Add Key Result to add a new Key Result. You will be presented with a dialog setup new Key Result.

Fill out the details and click on Create Key Result. You can repeat this step to add as many OKRs as you want.

5. Submit a Status Update

It's important to keep the Objective's up to date. You can do so by submitting a status update. Status updates can be submitted either from the Objective's page or from Objectives tab on My Homepage page. Let's go to My Homepage -> Objectives. You should see a status update button next to the Key Result. You will be presented with a status update dialog.

6. Track Progress and Performance

Once you have your Objectives set, you can track their progress and performance from the Performance page.

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