Custom Identity Provider

Learn how to setup custom SAML v2 Identity Provider

Configure Identity Provider

Use the information below when configuring your Identity Provider.

SAML Metadata URL:


Entity ID:

Configure Simple OKR

To enable SSO for simple OKR you will need a XML metadata file from your identity provider. This file must contain SAML EntityDescriptor configuration.

Once you have the file, head to Settings -> Security and click on Configure Single Sign-On.

Click on Choose file to select and upload the metadata file. After the file is uploaded, you will be able to enable the SSO.

Make sure to test SSO sign-in link before enabling SSO for your account. Once SSO is enabled, users will only be allowed to login via the sign-in link that was generated for you. You can test the link by signing out and visiting the sign-in link. If everything works fine, you will be logged back into Simple OKR.

Test the SSO link and if everything the new sign-in flow works enable SSO by clicking on Enable SSO.

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