Team Management

What is a Team?

In Simple OKR we use teams to create logical groupings of people. This usually translates directly to the teams or departments at your company.

Every team must have a manager responsible for maintaining team structure. Each team can have zero or more team members. A single person can be a member of several teams.

When running an OKR cycle, teams can draft and own a set of Objectives.

Leadership Team

Simple OKR has a concept of a leadership (or executive) team. The leadership team has special rights to draft and set Company level Objectives. You can designate the leadership team through from the company settings page, Settings -> Company.

Team Manager

Team manager is a person responsible for maintaining team's structure. The manager can add or remove members to the team and change team's name.

The team manager cannot delete a team or change team manager to a different one. These actions are only permitted to the people with Administrator access rights.

Team Member

Team member is a user that belongs to a team. Team members can draft, edit and create team objectives.

Create a Team

New teams can be created by users who have Administrator access rights. To create a new team go to Settings -> Teams page and click on New Team.

You will be presented with a dialog windows where you can enter the details about the team.

Remember, only the team manager can add or remove people from the team. Make, sure you set the correct team manager in order to add members to the team later.

Update or Delete a Team

Team details can be updated by clicking on the tripple dot button next to the team. Go to Settings -> Teams and click on the tripple dot button next to the team to reveal a menu.

You can update or delete a team by selected an action item from the menu.

Add or Remove Team Members

People can be added to or removed from the team by the team's manager. To do so, go to the team's page by going to People -> Teams and selecting a team from the list. Go to the Members tab and click on Add New Member button.

Select a user from the list that you'd like to add to the team and click on Add User to Team.

To remove user from the team click the tripple dot button next to the team member to reveal action menu.

Select Remove to remove the user from the team.

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