User Management

What is a User?

A User is an email address linked to an organization. The same email address can be linked to several organizations through the user invitation process.

Inviting Users

You can invite new users to your organization by creating and sharing an invitation link. To create an invitation link go to Settings -> Users and click on Create Invitation Link.

A new invitation link will be created. Share the link with anyone who you'd like to join your organization. The invitation link can be used to invite many people.

Remember, anyone who has access to the link can join your organization and access your data. After you're done inviting people, make sure to turn off the invitation link for security reasons.

Updating or Deactivating a User

A user can be updated by going to the Settings -> Users page and click on the tripple doc button next to the user.

Changing User Profile and Roles

To update user's name, job title, manager or role, click on the Edit menu item. You will be presented with a screen to update user's information.

Deactivating a User

To deactivate a user, click on the Deactivate menu item. When a user is deactivated she will no longer be able to access the organization. The data that's linked to the user (comments, objectives, etc.) will remain intact.

User Roles


A user with administrator permissions has full access to the system. An administrator can:

  • Invite people to the organization.

  • Deactivate other users.

  • Manage teams.

  • Manage subscription and billing information.


A user with Employee permissions has limited access to the system. The user will not be able to change any organization level settings.

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